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135 bpm


Music - single full track


Inspired by C418's "Minecraft" Soundtrack. I played a lot of Minecraft growing up, and the track reflects that.
  • Laid‑back
  • Melancholic
  • Peaceful
  • Relaxed
  • Sentimental
  • Uplifting
  • Intro story / animation
  • Title screen / Menu system
  • Ingame standard level
  • Intermission animation
  • Game over
FileFileinfoPriceMP3 previews
6.1 mb
  • 320 kbps, 44100 Hz
  • Music is loop-able, but also has an ending
€ 20.00 non-exclusive
€ 50.00 exclusive

Author: Aidan Miglio   [Request this track]    [Request project work]    [View track & author details

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Aidan Miglio


Authors description:

Hiphop Producer, however I enjoy making music and soundtracks for video games as well, as video games have been a massive part of my life. They influenced who I am today, and the type of music I make. Open to any kind of project, and very flexible!

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