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120 bpm

Easy listening

Music - single full track


It is pretty difficult to nail what mood, because it fluctuates over time but eventually loops back to where it starts. It's a s3m file that loops, so that's why I put the sum of two loops (4:35 per loop).
  • Mysterious
  • Title screen / Menu system
  • Ingame standard level
FileFileinfoPriceMP3 previews
72,704 bytes
  • 9 ch, 16 bit, 49716 Hz
  • Chip music
  • Music requires/does smooth looping
I have a stereo and mono version of the song, the mono version is the authethic version since ScreamTracker also allows the use of the OPL2 chip found in Adlib soundcards. The stereo version will actually crash ScreamTracker on DOS, but plays fine in OpenMPT and could be exported as an audio file of your liking.
FREE for freeware

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Hello, I'm Muscises aka BoxCubed. I've been involved with music ever since I was young child. I did vocals, then switched to piano, and now I am a composer. I've played in different settings from solos to duets to ensembles, and more. Despite all the experiences I had, I still like to think there is much more to learn or experiment so that's what I do. I have experience with FL Studio, tracker programs (OpenMPT and FamiTracker), and learning MML in hopes to expand my skills. I believe that music is integral to human culture and progression, which is why I keep my music under CC-BY or CC-BY-NC depending on the situation. My musical tastes are pretty varied but I like House, Techno, Ambient, R&B, and more. Well, I hope my music assists you on your project, in any form.

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Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

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Donations are appreciated, but I'm willing to negotiate if you want me for your project.