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You are free to download and listen to all music from, but you need to contact the author and request a license (even if a freeware license) before including it in your game and releasing your game - unless otherwise stated in artist profile or track info.

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Sea of Stagnation


135 bpm


Music - single full track


Sounds like pressing onward with great difficulty.
  • Dark
  • Depressed
  • Mysterious
  • Spooky
  • Ingame standard level
  • Intermission animation
FileFileinfoPriceMP3 previews
4.3 mb
  • 160 kbps, 44100 Hz
  • Music is loop-able, but also has an ending
€ 10.00 non-exclusive
€ 30.00 exclusive
4.3 mb
  • 1411 kbps, 44100 Hz
  • Music requires/does smooth looping
€ 10.00 non-exclusive
€ 30.00 exclusive
37.6 mb
  • 1411 kbps, 44100 Hz
  • Music requires/does smooth looping
€ 10.00 non-exclusive
€ 30.00 exclusive

Author: Mike Alksnis   [Request this track]    [Request project work]    [View track & author details

About the author


Mike Alksnis


Authors description:

Hello Respected Indy Developer!

My name is Mike Alksnis and I have been producing electronic music independently for 18 years. Video games are a major influence on my work, particularly classic RPGs from the SNES era, as well as the more recent throwbacks to the Metroidvania genre. I am also a diehard metalhead and drummer for 24 years, as well as a lover of ambient, drum and bass, vaporwave, hip hop, reggae, and R&B, so the range of my musical style is flexible. I want to create a product for you that matches with the vibe you have envisioned for your game -- I value your work as a fellow artist and understand the importance of getting the soundtrack right. Let's talk about your vision for your game's music and how we can achieve it together! For a profile of my previous work, check out the Spotify artist page I linked as my website (Dear Latvia is the artist name).

Best Regards,

Available for project work:

Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

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Yes! Artist accepts payments by Paypal!

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Yes! Artist accepts payments by bank transfer!

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