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Asian Agent


83 bpm


Music - single full track


Melancholic chiptune for Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Oric, Apple 2 or Sharp MZ-700.
  • Blue
  • Laid‑back
  • Melancholic
  • Mysterious
  • Sentimental
  • Intro story / animation
  • Title screen / Menu system
  • Game complete
FileFileinfoPriceMP3 previews
15,131 bytes
  • 3 ch, 100 Hz
  • Chip music
  • Chip: Compatible with Amstrad CPC
  • Chip: Compatible with Apple 2
  • Chip: Compatible with Atari ST
  • Chip: Compatible with MSX
  • Chip: Compatible with Oric
  • Chip: Compatible with Sharp MZ-700
  • Chip: Compatible with ZX Spectrum
  • MOD/Chip/SPC: Sounds best in stereo
  • Music requires/does smooth looping
FREE for freeware
FREE non-exclusive
[Arkos Tracker 2
4.2 mb
  • 160 kbps, 44100 Hz
  • Chip music
FREE for freeware
€ 2.00 non-exclusive
4.9 mb
  • 160 kbps, 44100 Hz
  • Chip music
  • Music is loop-able, but also has an ending
FREE for freeware
€ 2.00 non-exclusive

Author: Roald Strauss   [Request this track]    [Request project work]    [View track & author details

About the author


Roald Strauss


Authors description:

I create tracks in many different filetype versions. Many of my tracks are available in multiple filetype versions, so there's a big chance my music is usable on your platform.

Here's a list of filetype versions you can find among my tracks, listed in filesize order big to small:

  • Lossless 16-bit 48000 Hz WAV for the gamedevs who wants the absolute best quality possible, and has no worries regarding filesize. Typically used only on the high-end platforms.

  • 160 kbps 41000 Hz MP3/OGG for the gamedevs who wants a good quality, but also cares about filesize. The most common format for modern platforms.

  • 80 kbps 22050 Hz MP3/OGG for the gamedevs who can settle for a reduced quality, because filesize is more important.

  • MIDI+soundfont for gamedevs who cares about both quality and filesize, and/or uses an older platform that doesn't support any of the above formats.

  • 16-bit 4-32-channel XM for the gamedevs who cares about both quality and filesize, and/or needs music to loop continuesly smoothly, and/or uses an older platform that doesn't support any of the above formats. You can also find playerlibs for almost any newer platform you can think of for this format.

  • 8-bit 4-channel MOD for gamedevs working on the good old retro platforms. Too many to list them all. At the same time, there's a 99% chance you can find a playerlib for any newer platform too for this format. Very small filesize, but obviously reduced in quality due to its 8-bit 4-channel limitation.

Apart from the above filetypes, you can also find some other more "exotic" filetypes amoung my tracks, such as SPC (for Super Nintendo SNES), XMF (eXtensible Music Format), GM MIDI (without soundfont) and Chip music in Arkos Tracker 2 format, usable on very old platforms such as the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, MSX and Atari ST.

Available for project work:

Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

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Yes! Artist accepts payments by Paypal!

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Yes! Artist accepts payments by bank transfer!

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