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Rainbow Butterflies


80 bpm

Easy listening

Music - single full track


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Composed & Recorded by Giuseppe Bosso

Do you know the story about Rainbow Butterflies? Nobody can see them, but you can hear them fly in wind!
  • Happy
  • Intro story / animation
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200 kb
  • 160kbps, 44100 Hz
€ 500.00 non-exclusive

Author: Giuseppe Bosso   [Request this track]    [View track & author details

About the author


Giuseppe Bosso


Authors description:

Hello, my name is Giuseppe Bosso, I am a researcher and play and make music since I was 13 and I have always been fascinated about how music instruments are capable of translating some of states of my mind.

People keep telling me that such melodies are able to evoke them thoughts, memories and even feelings and would be perfect as soundtracks for videogames.

Put your headphones on and let me know your opinion!

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