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Ascending His Throne


180 bpm


Music - single full track


This is an early piece of mine and though fairly simple in structure, I believe it is fairly evocative of the on-coming storm feel of battle. This piece features a simple arpeggio by the Violins fairly softly with a small motif constantly played by a solo French horn. The horn's sound is reminiscent of the olden day war horns and the expansion of both the Percussion and the Brass Section, namely the Trombones, helps to crescendo the piece into a thrilling climax.
The sequence is fairly short and doesn't feature much variation among the woodwinds and thus is more of a shorter battle or revolutionary piece. If you have an animation or opening sequence to a conquest, this piece would fit well. If you would like to use this in a longer context, message me and I'll see if I can extend it further and make any other changes you would like to see.
  • Aggressive
  • Dark
  • Enthusiastic
  • Motivated
  • Mysterious
  • Thrilling
  • Intro story / animation
  • Ingame standard level
  • Ingame boss level
  • Intermission animation
FileFileinfoPriceMP3 previews
1.5 mb
  • 128kbps, 44100 Hz
  • Music has an ending (Doesn't loop)
  • Music is loop-able, but also has an ending
€ 25.00 exclusive

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Noah Palmer


Authors description:

I am a self taught musician and composer for orchestral scores using Sibelius 8 with the Note Performer Soundset. I live on the Eastern Coast of the United States and am looking to get my music out there. Video games, being a keen hobby of mine, are among my greatest inspirations and I'd be more than willing to help any needy indie developer to produce a fitting soundtrack for there game.
In terms of style, I can reach into any required for the game, however, I do take preference to Neo-classical and Baroque scores. Having been introduced to music at a young age and on the Alto Saxophone, I am also comfortable producing Jazz and Blues style pieces or even Classical scores for Saxophone Ensemble or Soloist with accompaniment with orchestra.
I do not have access to live recording software or hardware, I also do not have access to an orchestra or ensemble to record my music live. However, Sibelius 8 allows me to produce mp4,midi,etc. for an electronically generated playback of my work. I also use, as stated earlier, the Note Performer Soundset which uses pre-recorded sounds of professional musicians playing top-grade instruments. Neither Note Performer nor Sibelius, however, are able to input words for any choral pieces so any 'songs' you might want will have to be recorded with available musicians.

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