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Michael Chadwick


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Guitarist since 1996 and composer since about 1998, I've written all kinds of music, primarily for fun. My first love is the guitar and good ol' rocking out, so I spend plenty of time playing, composing for, and recording various models of six-stringers, most often accompanied by bass and drums. However, I've been playing video games for as long as I remember, too, and I'm heavily influenced by their sounds. In fact, I've created a fake RPG soundtrack, "Ebben Flow", a video game remix album, "Gamey Mixture", a chiptune EP, "Average Town", and I've created several tracks for the soundtrack of Deck16's "Impulse".

A lot of my ideas come from noodling around on my guitar, whether they stay there or get transposed to a synth or sampled instrument. That covers digital input devices, and not just analog ones. Getting out all the musical motifs I have for a certain piece is paramount; I can always go and edit it down later. Missing a take or an idea is a fear I contend with on a daily basis, so I constantly record sketches, filling lots of hard drive space whether they ever come to fruition or not.

I'm interested in creating music of any sort, be it entirely sampled, recorded, synthesized, or a combination of all three. I'm always looking for a game developer in need of some music for their creation, so contact me if that describes your plight. Check out my website for lots of examples of my work, all free to download or stream.

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