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Brendan Reddy


Authors description:

I am a producer /singer/songwriter. I make a variety of music in multiple genres from electronic, dance, dnb, hip hp, trip hop, pop, rnb, industrial, alt pop, neo soul, jazz and lofi.

I would love to work with someone on their project to have my music in a video game.

I am very open to to discussion on what you need for your project and depending on my level of interest in the project am open to scoring everything, making songs, instrumentals, an entire soundtrack etc.

As far as videogames I am an avid gamer and have been for over 25 years Some of my favorites would be Chrono Cross, Shadow Hearts, Silent Hill, Va-11 Hall-A, Sam and Mac, LISA. Mother. Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Alundra, Moon, Broken Sword, Disco Elysium, Bust a Groove, Tekken, Norco, Shadow of Memories/Destiny, Persona 4, GodHand, Katamari, Blade Runner etc

Please contact me here or at my email popwallace.poxy@gmail where I can share my music portfolio.

Available for project work:

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Yes! Artist accepts payments by bank transfer!

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