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Mighty Bear


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The mysterious “face" of the Icelandic electronic scene

It’s no surprise that the solo debut at Iceland Airwaves 2017 created a buzz all over town about this artist in a black cape, hidden behind a mysterious mask.

Pollinating the worlds of drag culture and abstract electronic pop. Mighty Bear's show is audio-visual in nature: any danger of laptop-staring, knob-twiddling boredom is immediately dispelled by the accompanying glittering gowns and towering heels, rippling film imagery, masks, wigs, and a bold, charismatic approach to the stage. Strutting onstage in a ghostly, glamorous mask to a soundtrack of intense but ethereal beats, Mighty Bear is the undisputed dark queen of the Reykjavík electronica scene.

Known for his haunting abstract synth soundscapes and soft, melancholic vocals. Mighty Bear has performed at festivals such as Iceland Airwaves, Secret Solstice and Sónar Reykjavík along with shows in Italy.

If you love Icelandic sombreness and melancholy, Mighty Bear is there.


Over five tracks, Mighty Bear takes his listeners on an emotional, dreamlike and at times nightmarish–journey. A spiritual release with the flair of a personal dramatic soundtrack, ‘Tveir’ walks the line between comforting and uneasy. That said, there’s still something about the sound that’s universally accessible.

" Tveir " is a hypnotizing work, which on the one hand is characterized by intelligence and calculation, and on the other hand, a very organic, captivating atmosphere that proves the musical skill of the author."

The track “Yfir” is emblematic of this. The song pulls at your heartstrings with harrowing vocals and dramatic beats to simultaneously create a feeling of longing and a sense of inner strength.

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