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Joseph Hickman


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Hello there, I'm an aspiring musician for Film and Game soundtracks, I've chosen to take a Film music course at University as my degree and also have some expirence writing to scenes and film already, in the past I have created my own game and written the sound track to it.

I use

Logic X Pro:

East West: Voices of Passion, Voices of Empire, Voices of Opera Hollywood Choirs, EW Choirs, Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Orchestra, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Woodwinds, Hollywood Percussion, Stormdrums 1, Stormdrums 2, Stormdrums 3, EW Bosendorfer, EW Stienway D, EW Yamaha, EW Berchstien, EW Hollywood Solo Violin, EW Hollywood Solo Cello, EW solo Violin, EW Hollywood Harp, EW Hollywood Orchestra Complete

Soundiron: Requiem Lite Choirs, Symphonic Brass

Spitfire LABS

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