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My name is Roald Strauss. I am a musician, a game- and system-developer, educated computer scientist, geek, and the creator of this site.

As a musician, I have created computer music since the late 1980ies, starting on an Amstrad CPC, then onto Amiga and PC. My tracks have been released under the handle Mr.Lou. My creations have ranged from mod and xm files to midi and mp3 files.

As a game-developer, I formed LuBlu Entertainment in 2006 together with my girlfriend. So far we've created 4 mobile games and some apps.

As a geek in general, I'm very much interested in software development, particular in the entertainment area. Especially games have intrigued me since childhood.


I think games should have music.


I have created this site in order to make it easier for indie game-developers, who's on a tight budget (or no budget at all), to find music for their games. The idea is, that musicians on the same level as myself, can use as a way of offering their tracks to indie game-developers. Prices should be rather low compared to other music libraries, because it's an indie to indie concept.

So, if you're an indie game-developer looking for music, you've come to the right place. Start searching for music right now. You can find music in various file-formats for various platforms.

And if you're a musician doing almost any kind of audio format, then register an account and put your music on display. You decide how to offer your tracks, and for what price.

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