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An Ode to the Tide


95 bpm


Music - single full track


This is a short track I wrote with a peaceful RPG cutscene, overworld theme or even a title/menu theme in mind. Especially for a game with tropical or oceanside aesthetic!

I am constantly brimming with ideas for RPG music so if you like the sound of this let me know and I can compose even more to fit a similar style!
  • Happy
  • Laid‑back
  • Peaceful
  • Relaxed
  • Intro story / animation
  • Title screen / Menu system
  • Intermission animation
FileFileinfoPriceMP3 previews
2.6 mb
  • 192 kbps, 44100 Hz
  • Music has an ending (Doesn't loop)
  • Music is loop-able, but also has an ending
FREE for freeware
€ 0.00 exclusive

Author: Thomas Eric Lowe   [Request this track]    [Request project work]    [View track & author details

About the author


Thomas Eric Lowe


Authors description:

Hi there!
I am a 25 yr old producer from England who has been creating music for around 14 years now.
I write in a wide variety of different styles. I'm most well known for my chiptune music but I love composing using orchestral instruments also.
I would love to be able to provide a soundtrack for someone who's interested in my music!

Unless the size of the project is astronomical I will always provide my music for free as I enjoy composing so much and just want to see my music alongside someones fantastic indie game!

Available for project work:

Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

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Yes! Artist accepts payments by Paypal!

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Yes! Artist accepts payments by bank transfer!

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