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Grant Robertson


Authors description:

Working mostly with clients involved in online media and music production, I have amassed a wealth of experience over the course of 9 years.
Having worked with YouTube content creators such as Pewdiepie, William Haynes, Reina Scully, Cassualguy and more.
I have been contracted to write and create intro's, outro's, background music as well as mix down post-audio production.
I have worked with high profile clients such as BMI, Major Lazer, William Haynes and Flipo in the composing, mixing and mastering of singles as well as releasing charting collaborative work with Major Lazer's Walshy Fire under the alias "Cutting Class" with our dance music single "Hearts In The Sand".
I have recently branched into the composition of videogames and film having worked on several independent titles, three mobile games and recently a childrens animated TV series.

Available for project work:

Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

Accepts paypal:

Yes! Artist accepts payments by Paypal!

Accepts bank transfer:

Yes! Artist accepts payments by bank transfer!

Payment notes:

I prefer to be payed hourly however I am happy to negotiate a fixed price for certain pieces of work, don't be afraid to ask or hit me with a proposal.

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