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Jason Kohler


Authors description:

I’m composer/song-writer in NYC with many years experience writing contemporary classical, ambient, avant-garde, electronic, hip hop, pop, metal, rock, folk, amongst other types of music.

I pride myself on having a unique sound and approach. I consider myself a cultural omnivore which I feel comes out in my music. I’m always trying new things as a writer and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I also am very receptive to feedback and comments and welcome other people's opinions freely; I'm all about collaboration and being part of a team.

I have over 10 years experience using music production and notation software and can work very quickly producing professional quality results. I also have a quality home studio set up to produce professional sounding recordings. 

I’ve written for many different types an ensembles as well as scored video and theater productions. I’ve written chamber music, arranged strings for rock bands, string quartets, and regularly arrange strings and other orchestral instruments for my own original music.

Available for project work:

Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

Accepts paypal:

Yes! Artist accepts payments by Paypal!

Accepts bank transfer:

No, artist doesn't accept payments by banktransfer.

Payment notes:

PayPal or Venmo are my preferred payment options! jkohlermusic at g mail dot com for PayPal and @jaykohler for Venmo.

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