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Kourosh Dini


Authors description:

Emotion is a fundamental experience in our games and stories. These experiences are what leave an audience with the memory and impression "that was a good game." Whether you are designing an RPG or a shooter, some emotion and experience will ultimately carry your audience.

Music can reach many emotions that are not easily touched otherwise. Intensity, calm, sadness, joy, and more wait in unconscious depths, ready to be brought to the surface.

My work focuses on simplicity. Often I find that the simpler the components, the more powerful and intricate the end results become. I have been composing with the piano for nearly 40 years and with the synthesizer for nearly 20 years. The pieces are unique and readily distinguishable from most other music. I describe it as a blend of Chopin and Pink Floyd. Some are happy, some are dark, some are pensive, and some fade in the background.

Have a listen to a few tracks. If they fit the vibe you're looking for, drop me a line.

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