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Wolfkyn BIO

Wolfkyn are currently a South London collective of artists/producers/promotion team/cameramen and editors others which are looking to elevate and build a legacy now lets meet a couple of them!!!

Smooth Pekz - This man is a straight up blessing to work with,He is quality artist and genuine nice guy who brings something different to the table he brings the old skool uk hiphop flow to a new generation of music and he does it effortlessly, his word play is flawless. Makes you think about situations in a different light and to top it off all the songs he writes are based on his life story
(Editor for Wolfkyn)

Dispirto - Toby is a young man who I have been listening to for a while now, a few years ago I heard a dubstep remix he composed and from then I always believed he had a bright future ahead of him and I have watched this lad grow from strength to strength, producing different types of music. Only being 18 the last remix he had produced for L.O.C Mentality - Crazy, I would go as far as saying there are alot of elements which was as good as the original or even better some might say. So I look forward to seeing Dispirto rapidly grow as Music Artist.
(Producer for Wolfkyn)

Azzie G - Azzie G has been putting pen to paper and then ejecting the lyric on to a mic for long time but was very low key about it all. 2014 he decided to really put his music out. You can clearly tell, his songs are based on events in his life. He has a flow urban grime feel to it but very clear message.
(Also a Editor for Wolfkyn)

Sean Ashley - is apart of a Wolfkyn from earlier this year & is taking social media by storm he has a soulful voice which brings a new element to Wolfkyn music and is versatile. I look forward to working with him alot more.

Robin Cho - Robin Cho is our female if im honest there not many girls on her level lyrically, but what I like about her she if very intellegent about how she structures a verse. I look forward to working with her alot more.
(Sound Engineer for Wolfkyn)

Unorthodox Kings South London based rapper has a deep and different understanding when it comes to music – according to him effective lyrics make the songs

As he grew up and faced some challenges during his life, he found a new inspiration, and that was conscious music with positive and inspirational messages within. And that’s been his blueprint ever since and he’s on a journey to spread his message among his peers and people all over the world. His motto; positive will rise. The young man with the million dollar smile has a target, and that’s to build a team in Unorthodox Kings with people who share the same ambition and goals. Expect a rapid-fire delivery and socially conscious lyrics.
(Camera man, Editor and Producer for Wolfkyn)

Mat horton. Drum and bass producer. Stepping into new genres with new rappers and singers. Passion for good sounds and structure in tracks. Working alongside wolfkyn creating new grime and alternative tracks. His work speaks for itself is versatile and is happy to work outside his comfort zone to get the job done.
(Producer for Wolfkyn & DJ & Sound Engineer)

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