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Keagan Ferguson


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Hey guys! Keagan here.

Let's get straight to the point; I want to provide you with the best quality audio I can. You want your game to be great? Well, so do I. So let's kick things off some FAQ's regarding who I am and what I may be able to offer.

Q: Who is Keagan, and why do I care?

A: Well, I'm Keagan!

I've been writing tunes for about 15 years now. I do have a decent amount of experience under my belt with audio engineering, and I'm pretty easy to work with. I'm independent in my writing styles usually, and if I feel the need to bring in another composer, I will do so on my own terms. I'm 100% trustworthy. I am completely dedicated to any projects I'm working on, and I tend to only take on one or two at a time. I aim to not only bring something unique to the table, but also leave any potential gamers with a thirst for more.

Q: "C'mon, dude. Need some samples."

A: Ask, and you shall receive. Here's a few demos to check out.

Chiptune/Electronic DEMO

DnB/Glitch DEMO

32-Bit Puzzle Style DEMO



Q: "The style of music you do isn't for me. Got anything else?"

A: I write any/all genres. Got something in mind? Let me know! Don't have a clue? No worries; I've got it. I'm up for any challenges, and I'm not afraid of any constructive criticism.

Q: "Well, I've got a game I want music for, but it's just "okay" I guess..."

A: My response to this is simple; If you're developing an "okay" game, you will receive "okay" music/audio. Please understand that I take any and all requests very seriously. If my heart and soul isn't involved in the writing process, you'll have decent music/audio at best. Don't waste my time, and I definitely won't waste yours.

Q: "Okay there buddy... How much am I going to have to pay you for this? I'm not made out of money, you know... Throw me a friggin bone, here."

A: Bone thrown. I'm not doing this for the money. Depending on the project, I may even donate my time and services. I absolutely understand that we're all starving artists. Please take this as an act of kindness, and I will understand that our contact relies specifically on handshake-binding terms. With that being said, I've got kids... If you make some money, I won't turn a piece of those profits down.

Q: "Sounds good! How do I contact you?"

A: Please send me an email to with the subject "Game Jolt - Need Music". We can establish any other means of communication from there.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully we may have the opportunity to build develop something fantastic together! Ciao for now!

Keagan Ferguson

Available for project work:

Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

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No, artist doesn't accept payments by Paypal.

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Yes! Artist accepts payments by bank transfer!

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Any offers can be discussed by emailing me at

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