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Valerio De Vittorio


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My name is Valerio De Vittorio and I am a 33-year-old musician and composer. I have a degree in modern music and I have been studying music and composition for 20 years. I’ve always had a strong passion for videogames and movies soundtracks and during my career I had the chance to write music for theater plays, a few shorts and indie games.

On my Soundcloud profile and official website you can hear some of my productions, ranging from epic and dramatic pieces to retro JRPG style music:

I regularly use audio DAW such as Logic Pro X and Reason, to produce and record music at professional level, and Mainstage for live performances. All my work are mixed and mastered in my studio. I try to not use any loops or prerecorded sounds so that my music can be as fresh as possible.

Currently I’m also studying FMOD to learn the basics of music programming for videogames to become a better and more professional sound designer.

What I’m looking for is a chance to work as a composer and sound designer for videogames, learning from industry professionals.

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Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

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