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Joshua Collins


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hello I'm Josh [aka Wolftalk]

I've been writing music my whole life. I am a music producer/composer/audio engineer and have been creating music collaboratively for a almost a decade. I've always wanted to score for video games!

In 2013 I won 1st place in an international remix competition for Grammy Nominated artist, Pretty Lights and his song "Around the Block." Here is what he said about my music:

"This remix contest was amazing. Picking 5 winners was close to impossible. I listened for days on end to these remixes, and the amount of talent and creativity that I heard blew my mind. I picked 5 songs based on uniqueness, musicality, arrangement, synthesis, production techniques, and overall style. Also I took into consideration the emotion of the song and how different chords were used to change the 'feel' of the song. There were way too many incredible producers that entered, I wanted to pick 50 winners, but I couldn't, so I did my best to narrow it down to 5 hot tracks, that were diverse as possible, banging, beautiful, and extremely creative. I hope you enjoy the tracks of the 5 winners I chose."

I have experience film scoring my own series of short films, an art-film entitled "Codex", and various commissioned video work that ranges from weddings to oil company informative videos. I'm highly creative and tasteful.

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