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Jack Mortensen


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I am a 19 year old musician and composer who is looking to do work for any kind of project. I am currently studying film and music production, with a wide variety of tools at my aid.

I work with Ableton, Logic Pro and Maschine to create scores ranging from dramatic and emotional cinematic pieces, to dark and droning electronic pieces. I have scored a commercial for Stoller Family Estate which aired on national television, and am currently finishing a project from Neptune Pictures called The Diner which is a suspense/thriller short film. I have toured the country with my band, playing both east and west coasts and music festivals such as Gathering of the Vibes and Lollapalooza. I have about 9 years of musical instrument experience, as my primary instrument is the bass guitar. I can play almost any instrument, save for a few abstract ones.

I have not yet scored any games, but am incredibly interested in it and have a lot of time to invest in a project! I love collaborating and coming up with new and innovative ways to make games more compelling! Some of my favorite scores and ones that I find to be very inspirational are ones from Fallout, Skyrim, Minecraft and Halo.

I am incredibly eager to get going on some projects, so let me know if you are interested and let's get started!

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