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Alexander David Emenheiser


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Hi, I'm Alex! I'm an animator and musician! With more than ten years experience in music and five years in animation, I am looking for creative people to work with! In addition, I'm the assistant director for Clear View Pictures, an independent filmmaking company, and I co-host a let's play show on YouTube called "Totally Good at Games" with voice actor Darren Leeds.

// WORKS //
For examples of my work, visit my Newgrounds page, as well as my YouTube channel! You can find both my animation and music on Newgrounds. My past collaborations include music for "Retro Racer", a NES-styled PC and mobile game; "Eddsworld: The Movie", a fan-made but officially-supported animated movie; and various indie animation.

Specifically, I am a 2D character animator, specializing in the classic frame-by-frame technique. I began animating in September 2011 using Pencil, but I upgraded to Adobe Flash as the years went on. Now, I use Toon Boom Harmony 12 for all animation-related projects. Note that Toon Boom is fully compatible with Adobe Flash/Adobe Animate with its SWF import/export features!

I can compose and produce music to simulate an orchestra, authentically create retro-style chiptunes, and electronica! If need be, I could arrange session musicians to perform their parts and record it.

My preferred method of contact is through email! If for some reason I do not see your email, message me on Twitter!

Twitter: @adesyndicate

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Yes! Artist is available for project work!   [Request project work]

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Yes! Artist accepts payments by bank transfer!

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